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The Bergoglio Paradox: Conservative Pope, Defender Of The Poor

The new pope brings a set of mixed beliefs, in which his concern for the underprivileged does not stop him from being conservative in questions concerning “morality and family.” He is opposed to abortion, contraception and gay marriage, but strongly supports help for HIV victims and baptism for illegitimate children.

Latinos: 16% Of Population, But Just 2% Of Homegrown Terrorists

The fact that Muhammad Yusuf, who was arrested yesterday and accused of conspiring to commit a terrorist act in New York, was born in the Dominican Republic and that his pre-conversion name is Jose Pimentel, wasn’t ignored in the reports about the failed plot. On the contrary, it appeared mostly on the first paragraphs in the news.

Republican Candidates Put The Final Nail In Quest For Latino Support

First published in The Huffington Post, 03/17/2012 In a series of statements and interviews, the main Republican presidential candidates distanced themselves even further from Latino voters this week while they campaigned for the 23 delegates up for grabs in Sunday’s primary election in Puerto Rico. Republican candidates have opposed comprehensive immigration reform, rejected the DREAM…

Latinos: Who Are We And Why Are We Here?

As immigrants, after we arrive, we are forged into one unified concept; we suddenly understand each other and we all become “Latinos” or “Hispanos”. We are united by language and cultural characteristics and a common history and, once here, a common destiny and the similar way people view us.

Hispanics Invested In Everything American

The events unfolding this week and announced for the next one remind us once again that Latinos in the United States are an intrinsic part of the population, and as such, are as interested and invested as every other American in the state of our union. When unemployment and foreclosure numbers rise, Latinos suffer; when the economy’s numbers improve they rejoice. And when civil rights cases jump to the front pages, they listen with rapt attention as the issue is always close to home.

We’re Here and We’re Not Leaving

Latinos are here to stay. That was the call of hundreds of thousands who, in 2006 and 2007, marched all across the nation asking for immigration reform: ‘Aquí estamos y no nos vamos,’ they chanted. As if they were saying, “We are here. Deal with us. Know us.”

We're Here and We're Not Leaving

Latinos are here to stay. That was the call of hundreds of thousands who, in 2006 and 2007, marched all across the nation asking for immigration reform: ‘Aquí estamos y no nos vamos,’ they chanted. As if they were saying, “We are here. Deal with us. Know us.”

Political Campaign Money Eroding The American Dream

Those who are already held back from political power are bound to lose even more ground, and be even further marginalized from having any influence on and obtaining new opportunities as they continue to chase the ever-elusive American dream.

How Far Have Judeo-Latino Relations Progressed?

For us Latinos, the organized Jewish community has been an important ally in the quest for an immigration reform. And for us Jews, the alliance with the Latino community and support of it’s advancement keeps us in the right side of history.

Semana Latina: DREAMers Dare And Hope

“There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of young unauthorized immigrants who can make a difference like you did, if only they have the chance to do it,” wrote another in a welcoming tone.

As we are now attempting to do.

What Is A Latino, Anyway? It Depends

For some, this is an homogeneous group, so united that if you make one of them a formal leader, the others will follow.

So if you choose a Latino candidate to run for office, the thinking goes, just the fact that they are Latino will, by itself, convince Latino voters to support them. Regardless of whether the Latino candidate is opposed to what most Latinos support–and vice versa.

Latinos And Their Issues Absent From Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday will likely be an extremely important day for the GOP presidential candidates, with 410 delegates — or 18% of the total GOP delegates– up for grabs. Of course, a big win could assist Mitt Romney to win the nomination and break the back of either Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich; but on the other hand, a surprise win for either of these candidates could potentially debilitate Romney and deny him the advantage he gained from last-minute victories in Michigan and Florida.

Violence In Schools, Nothing Out Of The Ordinary For Latinos And Blacks

The cases of chronic violence, which occurs repeatedly and is ongoing, are never explored–and these comprise the vast majority, causing untold devastation and grief.

While massacres and tragic shootings by crazed individuals occur in schools of all economic levels, with varying racial makeups, chronic violence in school tends to be concentrated in lower income areas, where the majority of students are usually Latino or black.

Los Angeles School District Continues To Languish Under Unending Budget Crisis

It hasn’t always been like this in California. The Golden State was once a Mecca for education at all levels. Higher education at the three systems created by the government the University of California with 9 campuses, the California State University with 23 and the enormous Community College system was all affordable

The Florida Vote And The Campaign Of The Absurd

“Mr. Speaker, I am not anti-immigrant: my father was born in Mexico.”
End of discussion. How could we think otherwise? Demolishing argument. Iron logic. Incredible philosophy. Why teach about Socrates, Descartes or Spinoza, when we have Mitt Romney?
Because, actually, how can any American be anti-immigrant when most of their forefathers were born somewhere else?

Gingrich Outflanks Obama From The Left

Quite frankly, it seems there have already been way too many GOP debates, and many more scheduled. They have been going on now for far too long. Please. The candidates perhaps cannot remember what they initially thought. And they may, for a change, say something constructive.